Hi from Cordyline!

Rails API Documentation Should Be Easy

Automatically generate Swagger docs for your Ruby on Rails app with just simple drag & drop (and a powerful Ruby gem. 😉)

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Simplify Your Documentation Journey with Codyline

We want the documentatoin to be first citizen. So as soon as you plugged in the gem, a living documentation will be generated with the minimum info (groups, endpoint name, required parameters, etc).

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Rich DSL

Your favorite Ruby powered syntax to define rich schema for API response and output. Seamlessly blends with Ruby, making crafting API responses incredibly simple. It's more than just syntax; it's a tool that optimizes your app's functionality, and makes API design a breeze.

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OpenAPI v3 Compatible

Fully compatible with OpenAPI v3 spec, so your team can leverage the rich and powerful ecosystem around it to generate client code, Postman Collections, static docs, etc.


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